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Boston [Still] Rocks
My internet radio station had it’s third birthday a couple months ago. I made a bunch of updates recently to Exploit Boston Radio so it’s up to 20 hours of (past and present) Boston area rock, pop and alternative bands. It streams 24 hours a day, every day. Sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by [...]
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Adam Gaffin Offers A Few Tips for Christopher Lydon
When I read Christopher Lydon’s description about the “New England Common” discussion he’ll be leading at the upcoming Media Giraffe conference, I was a little confused. He writes:[W]hy don’t we at the core of New England have something like the group blogs we admire — the aggregative web power — at the Huffington Post, say, [...]
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EMI hit by EU rethink on Sony/BMG merger
Media.guardian.co.uk - Sat Jul 15, 03:33 pm GMT
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Who says college kids are getting dumber?

WSJ: Free, Legal and Ignored. The subhead says it all: Colleges Offer Music Downloads, But Their Students Just Say No; Too Many Strings Attached. The article is about the unsurprising-to-anyone-except-Napster miserable failure of subscription based music services to take hold in universities. Compared to the complicated barrage of restrictions on the music offered by Napster, the students come across as models of common sense:

  • While Cornell's online music program, through Napster, gave him and other students free, legal downloads, the email introducing the service explained that students could keep their songs only until they graduated. "After I read that, I decided I didn't want to even try it," says Mr. Petrigh, who will be a senior in the fall...
  • Purdue University officials say that lower-than-expected demand among its students stems in part from all the frustrating restrictions that accompany legal downloading. Students at the West Lafayette, Ind., school can play songs free on their laptops but have to pay to burn songs onto CDs or load them onto a digital music device.
  • "People still want to have a music collection. Music listeners like owning their music, not renting," says Bill Goodwin, 21, who graduated in May from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. USC decided last year that it was finished with Napster after fewer than 500 students signed up...

There’s also a telling quotation from the director of the Campus Computing Project, who says, “The RIAA’s push to buy into these services strikes me as protection money. Buy in and we’ll protect you from our lawsuits,” which is one of the kinder descriptions of the unfriendliness of the industry that I’ve read lately.

I’m still waiting for someone in the industry to wake up and understand that their path to profitability lies in supporting good music and making their rich back catalogs available, not in fighting the fans of music tooth and nail. Today, three years after the birth of the iTunes Music Store, there are still many albums and tracks that can’t be found anywhere online—some by major artists (just try tracking down any non-album Sting tracks from before the late 90s), some by minor artists on major labels (Annabouboula, anyone?), and some by great cultural figures (I’d gladly pay through the nose for access to e.e. cummings’s Six Nonlectures as digital files, or even on CD). Instead we get American Idol and Rock Star. What, no one ever told these guys that a steady diet of candy can kill you?

BTW, for a good counterexample, check out Verve’s deep catalog—including a bunch of rare Impulse! recordings—though they don’t quite get it right; they support both iTunes and Windows Media, but no DRM-free offerings. But at least they’re opening up their catalog.

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Friday Random 10: Big day edition

A big day indeed: it’s finally sunny (cause for celebration in and of itself), it’ Friday, it’s the end of the quarter, and we’re about halfway through the year. Our company shipped some major products this week, though for various reasons the press release won’t be out until the second week of July. And I have some other news that will have to wait until Monday, for various reasons.

In the meantime, it’s a good sort of day to sit down and shuffle through the iPod and see what comes up:

  1. Bob Dylan, “Hurricane,” (Desire)
  2. TartanPodcast, “Sleepy Sunday Show #10”
  3. Moby, “Memory Gospel,” (Play: The B Sides)
  4. Eva Cassidy, “Songbird,” (Eva By Heart)
  5. M. Ward, “Oh Take Me Back,” (Transistor Radio)
  6. Neko Case, “Knock Loud” (Fields and Streams compilation)
  7. Robert Shaw Festival Singers (Arnold Schoenberg, composer), “Friede auf Erden (Peace on Earth), Op. 13” (Evocation of the Spirit)
  8. John Coltrane, “Blue Trane (alternate take),” (Blue Trane)
  9. Clem Snide, “Moment In The Sun” (The Ghost of Fashion)
  10. The Stills, “Love and Death” (Logic Will Break Your Heart)

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Ida, Six Star General, John Doe
John Doe's new album, Forever Hasn't Happened Yet hits stores on March 22. Here's a track via the crew at Yep Roc. Thanks guys.

Ida, Cynthia Hopkins and San Serac tonight @ AS220.

Six Star General and Mustache Ride @ Houlihan's on Saturday night.

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New Releases for February 22nd

Ten for February 22nd

Once again, I tried to narrow dozens of good releases down to just ten. Wasn't easy, but I think it's a pretty good snapshot. I would have had them up last night, but I felt sick from writing code for Tiny Showcase. The site launches in one week.
  1. Crooked Fingers - Dignity & Shame  I think Crooked Fingers is the only band with multiple releases where I own every single one of their albums. Well, except for this one - I haven't had a chance to pick it up yet. Mark preordered and got an autographed copy. They play KEXP today. Stream the disc on the Merge site.

  2. Enon - Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence  Touch and Go's got a classy new website. They've got an MP3.

  3. Jeff Hanson  Out on Kill Rock Stars. They've got an MP3.

  4. Ida - Heart Like A River  Is Ida a Providence band? That's been confusing me lately. Their new disc is out on Polyvinyl. They've got an MP3.

  5. Iron And Wine - Woman King  Check out Joe's review on 75 or Less. There's an MP3.

  6. I ♥ Huckabees  

  7. Karate - In The Fishtank  I had no idea this was being released. A nice suprise.

  8. Mogwai - Government Commisions  Their live BBC material from the past few years.

  9. Robbers On High Street - Tree City  

  10. M. Ward - Transistor Radio  I've only heard a few tracks from the radio, but they were CRAZY good. Once again, you can stream the disc on Merge's site.

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New Releases for February 15th

Five for February 15th

As catbirdseat has already stated, it's tough concentrating on this week's releases when next week looks so massively promising. Here are a few notables though. If none of them catch your eye, check out the Rutles 2 DVD giveaway we just kicked off (for those of you who are reading this via RSS, you're gonna need to open the website in an actual browser - sorry).
  • Camper Van Beethoven - Discotheque: Live Chicago  I'm not really sure why I chose this disc to link. Most of their stuff is available for download via archive.org.

  • Dread Leppelin - Chickens And Ribs  I know the joke should be old by now, but it still cracks me up. It features a guest appearance by Billy Zoom.

  • Mahi Mahi - Remove Your Body  This came out a few weeks ago and I forgot to mention it. I always bitch about the music scene in Providence, but when someone releases an album, I forget to write about it on the site. Sorry about that.

  • They Might Be Giants - Here Come The ABCs  Speaking of children's music, have you seen the Pancake Mountain site? I've probably already linked it, but the Fiery Furnaces "Mouse House, Moose Hoose" clip is too crazy to not mention several times.

  • Wedding Present - Take Fountain  I wanted this album to be absolutely amazing, but I'm having trouble getting into it. I'm gonna give it a few more tries - I can sense that there's some great material hidden in there.

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Beck, Nelly McKay, Doves
Diamond Nights - So Fantastic 12" To quote the Kemado site, "Diamond Nights sound like Thin Lizzy & The Cars just chillin." There's an MP3 on their site.

The Beck "E-Pro" Paza Remix e-card. The bat is my favorite part.

Nelly McKay performs at Dog Show Party 2005 next Tuesday.

The new Doves single, "Black and White Town" from the March 1st release Some Cities[asx][ram]

Silver Jews news via Tim O.
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New Music in New Places: Visual Music Event Creates Electro Zen Garden
The Electronic Zen Garden is a contemporary music performance combined with a multi-media visual spectacle, all of which is based on the traditional Japanese Zen garden concept. Using interactive software, four performers will project images on a 12-foot-high lumina column while music from sixteen speakers surrounds the audience. Just as in real Zen gardens, audience members will only be able to see parts of the image and hear parts of the soundscape at any one time, giving every individual a unique image and sound experience.
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The 5th Annual Independent Music Awards kicks off Canadian Music Week
The spirit and success of independent music is stronger and louder than ever. Hundreds of artists, who don't fit in with the ever-narrowing radio formats, are none-the-less breaking through to a hungry public and winning the support of fans, media and tastemakers across the nation. These artists will be honoured at the Canadian Music Week Festival (CMW) with the public presentation of the 5th Annual Canadian Independent Music Awards show, simply titled "The Indies".Centrediscs' Jasper Wood is nominated for Favourite Classical Artist / Group.
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Deeyah & Young Maylay A Deadly Combo!
In one corner you have Deeyah the exotic and sassy princess of the East also dubbed the Muslim Madonna by the UK media. In the other corner is Young Maylay hard edged from the merciless streets of LA also the actor/voice in GTA San Andreas game. Both talented artists in their own rights have now joined forces and come together to create ?What Will It Be??.The beat of ?What Will It Be?? is sexy and seductive yet the lyrical content that Deeyah and Young Maylay present in the song is tough, thought provoking, controversial and very much a sign of the turmoil filled times we are all living in. The lyrical content is already creating controversy and waves within certain circles of the Muslim communities for it?s direct, truthful and extremely defiant and rebellious tone and delivery.In a time where more socially and politically conscious music and attitude is needed within popular culture - here we go, Deeyah and Young Maylay provide exactly what the doctor ordered and are creatively a truly deadly combo! May we hear more music and messages like this from these two and others in the near future.We eagerly await the music video for ?What Will It Be?? as it?s already rumored to be even more controversial, hard hitting, edgy and sexy.
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Jay Sean charts in Holland
Jay's album & single (Eyes on You) is really starting to take off in Europe, in-particular Holland. Eyes On You is now up to no.18 in their chart & rising week on week with media awareness growing all the time to Jay as a phenomenal live performer. Coca Cola are trying to pin Jay down to a Live event happening this month, which will see reaching a huge national audience as the event is broadcast live on TV.
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CSS Cheat Sheet
Designed for printing and storing near your desk, this handy quick reference includes a properties list, CSS syntax, selectors and pseudo selectors, media types (for linking), units, the box model, and inheritance and the cascade.
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Back from @media 2006
The trip to London and @media 2006 was a real success, for me at least. I had so much fun and listened to so many great people and talking to many interesting people. It was simply a blast to be there.Me and my colleague came to London the evening before the event started. We [...]
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Leaving for @media 2006
Today Im leaving for London and @media 2006. Ive been waiting for this event for such a long time now. Last year I had a ticket but changed work so I couldn’t go. But this year it’s really happening. Me and my colleague (Swedish) are going from Skatteverket. (Swedish tax authority).So “everyone” is going to [...]
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Mike Boyink on the problem with free ice cream
Mike Boyink implores that Church Webmasters Stop Working for Free. Like many others, has concluded the only reward for free ice cream is comlaints about the flavors. Mike also asserts that this lack of percieved value on the part of pastors and staff leads to re-spinning of style over sustaining long streams of substance.
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Five new links: "Board Names Advisory Committee for 508 Standards Update", "Shawn Henry Podcast/Interview on WCAG 2", "Accessible Digital Media", "Walgreens Recruits Employees With Disabilities Through Highly Accessible Website", and "Replace Your Mouse with Your Eye".
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How to rip and compress DVDs in Mac OS X

A couple of months ago, I got a Mac Mini* and immediately (of course) hooked it up to my TV so I could use it as a media center. (That’s probably a good topic for a separate post.)

Since then, I’ve ripped my DVD collection onto the Mac so any movie I own is only a few clicks away. Here’s how you can do the same thing:

1. Insert a DVD in your Mac’s DVD drive

These directions are optimized for feature films, not TV shows or other things you might find on a DVD. However, with a little creativity you should be able to adapt these instructions to serve your purposes.

2. Use MacTheRipper to do a “Main Feature Extraction” to your Mac

I use MacTheRipper first because it allows me to archive a raw VIDEO_TS folder that I can re-compress later if I want. For more detail about doing a simple DVD-to-disk rip, see the first half of Mark Pilgrim’s excellent how-to video.

Here’s what my MacTheRipper settings look like:

MacTheRipper Disc pane MacTheRipper "Mode" pane

3. Use HandBrake to compress the movie

This part is critical because there aren’t many programs (including Front Row) that know what to do with a raw VIDEO_TS folder. But nearly any video player (again, including Front Row) can handle an MP4 file, so that is what we will convert this movie into.

In HandBrake, I use the XviD encoder with a target size of 1000MB (about 1GB). This produces a very watchable picture at a reasonable file-size.

Here’s what my Handbrake settings look like (click to enlarge):

Handbrake settings

Put the video file in your Movies folder, and enjoy!

You can obviously keep your movies wherever you want, but I keep mine in the Movies folder (under my home directory) so Front Row can access them.

My movies folder

Give it a try!

Feel free to try this yourself, and let me know if you have questions!

* * *

* The Mini was a gift from my generous Grandpa, who you may recognize from his occasional comments on this site.

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The Lack of Interactivity and Hypertextuality in Online Media
The main focus of this article is related to the forms of mediated content that are offered in online space. Oblak, Tanja
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WebMaster Media Maker.
Create Streaming Audio and Video with Media players that do not require a streaming media server.
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Online Collaboration Tools And Resources: Kolabora Picks n.4
Photo credit: Miguel Ugalde Web-based shareable calendar launched by Google Manage audio conferences with up to 500 users on Skype High-performance new videoconferencing tool Share anything from video to text Direct share of media files This week also, I...
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Ron Pomerantz becomes executive creative director at Disney Channel
Media Life Magazine Jul 16 2006 1:12PM GMT
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Overnights Sinking feeling: 'Master of Champions' ABC reality contest pulls a 1.2 in 18-49s, behind all but the WB and UPN and well down from debut. 'Dance' boogies to a win.
Media Life Magazine Jul 16 2006 1:11PM GMT
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Mark Steyn, Hugh Hewitt & me
Oh my!:

"HH: So Mark Steyn, do you think the American political electorate is watching this, and understanding again what we talk about a lot. There's a serious party in the United States. It might not be always right. It isn't always right. It makes mistakes. But there's also a fundamentally feckless and silly party, and it's the Democratic Party, and it's the political left.

MS: Yeah, well, you know, a Canadian blogger, Kathy Shaidle, who I like tremendously, her website. She said you know, Alan Colmes has said he's agnostic on the matter of whether 9/11 was an inside job. Now let's take him at his word.

If these people, high up in the Democratic Party, seriously thought the president of the United States had committed, deliberately killed thousands of Americans...you know, Kathy said if that happen in her country, in Canada, she wouldn't want to live in that country anymore. She'd get her passport, she'd get her stuff together, and she'd get out of there.

And the fact that you can sort of say Bush killed thousands of Americans, and then sit out on your cafe in San Francisco, sipping your venti latte, as if that's just something normal... I mean, this is pathetic. There's a disease in the Democratic Party that they've got to cure, because it's not good for the political system."

Well, and my big thrill for today was gonna be cleaning the oven and watching Wasp Woman on the Drive-In Channel. Thanks to James and Deborah for alerting me about the media.
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Do You Remember the 70s, 80s and 90s?

Wordsun's own Michael Johnson has recently launched his new website http://www.DoYouRemember.co.uk. The website is a memorabilia and nostalgia website where visitors can share their memories of what they remember from the 70s, 80s and 90s.

TV shows, movies, music and toys are amongst the items being discussed.

The site has already picked up impressive media coverage with an entry in USA Today and even a mention in the Honolulu Advertiser!

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Minnesota Businessman Teams with International Boxing Legend, Roberto Duran
John Laub teams with Roberto Duran to launch Blue Bridge Media a business that is redefining the taxicab in Panama. (PRWEB Jun 26, 2006) Trackback URL: http://www.prweb.com/chachingpr.php/U3VtbS1Qcm9mLUhhbGYtQ291cC1JbnNlLVplcm8=
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DC-based Media Company, Brand Nu Words, Teams with the Allen Iverson Celebrity Summer Classic to Show that Philanthropy is Still Thriving
Brand Nu Words author of NAPPY and DJ/Harvey Nunes team with the Allen Iverson Celebrity Summer Classic to show that philanthropy is still thriving. (PRWEB Jul 14, 2006) Trackback URL: http://www.prweb.com/chachingpr.php/WmV0YS1JbnNlLVRoaXItU3F1YS1JbnNlLVplcm8=
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Social Networking Site to Impact Social Responsibility
PetBoogaloo will be making 10 important announcements over 10 consecutive days, to publicize a big plan to help animal causes and the environments in which animals live. PetBoogaloo will be using their social networking platform, multiple forms of media, as well as their site icons to educate people about these important issues. The plan is similar to Smokey the Bear’s campaign, which is the longest running public service campaign in US History. (PRWEB Jul 10, 2006)
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Chicago Critic Champions Women Filmmakers; Wins Second Consecutive Achievement Award
Chicago film critic Jan Lisa Huttner recently earned her second consecutive Silver Feather Award from the Illinois Woman’s Press Association, for writing the most award-winning articles in IWPA’s annual Mate E. Palmer Communications Contest. Last year Huttner’s writing won 10 honors, one of which went on to win first place in the “Best News Writing for the Internet” category from the National Federation of Press Women (IWPA’s parent organization). “Jan Huttner brings expertise, ethics and enthusiasm to all her writing projects,” explains IWPA Contest Chair Pat Szpekowski. A go-to source for information on women filmmakers, Huttner has spoken out widely against the “celluloid ceiling” that keeps women screenwriters, directors and other behind-the-scenes professionals from having the same opportunities as their male colleagues. “To use the words of Professor Martha Lauzen,” says Huttner, “If we change media messages, we change the world!” (PRWEB Jun 20, 2006) Trackback URL: http://www.prweb.com/chachingpr.php/U3F1YS1Mb3ZlLUhvcnItU2luZy1JbnNlLVplcm8=
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Time Domain Signs Exclusive License to Provide Ultra Wideband Products to the Healthcare Industry
Parco Merged Media and Time Domain sign exclusive worldwide license agreement for UWB RFID in the healthcare industry. New product lines and performance criteria for RTLS and tracking announced. (PRWEB Jun 26, 2006) Trackback URL: http://www.prweb.com/chachingpr.php/Q3Jhcy1QaWdnLUluc2UtQ291cC1JbnNlLVplcm8=
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New Wellness Portal Emphasizes Collaboration and Community
A new collaborative, interactive, multi-media health, wellness, and fitness portal, OptimumHealthClub.com, is now live on the Internet. (PRWEB Jun 21, 2006) Trackback URI: http://www.prweb.com/dingpr.php/U2luZy1aZXRhLVByb2YtU2luZy1JbnNlLVplcm8=
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Clip Notes file contains video but no audio (Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0)
IssueWhen you create a Windows Media format Clip Note in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, the file contains video but no audio.DetailYou did not set the export module selected in the Adobe Media Encoder to Windows Media. SolutionsDo one of the followi...
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Error: ''Audio Upmixing is not allowed'' when you export (Premiere Pro 1.x, 2.0)
Issue When you export a Premiere Pro project through the Adobe Media Encoder, Premiere Pro returns the error message, "Audio Upmixing is not allowed. Cancelling the operation."DetailThe destination audio format contains more audio channels than th...
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Warning: ''System restore is turned off...'' when you install Photoshop Elements 4.0 (Windows)
IssueWhen you install Photoshop Elements 4.0 you see the warning message, "System Restore is turned off. If you continue Setup, you will be unable to use System Restore to restore the version of Windows Media Player that was included with the Windows ope...
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Growth Stocks Specialists Launch CCM SectorPortfolio Series
Cronus Capital Markets, a leading provider of sector research, intelligence, and media to the investment and business communities, has announced the launch of their CCM SectorPortfolio Series. This series provides sector research and identifies the best growth stocks for a range of emerging high-growth sectors. [PRWEB Nov 9, 2005]
read more:

BusinessEdge Appoints John Gonsalves as New Partner
Communications and computing industry expert John Gonsalves joins BusinessEdge Solutions Communications, Media and Content Practice [PRWEB Nov 8, 2005]
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CTQ Media Acquires Sourcingmag.com, the Leading Independent Portal for Business Process Outsourcing Information
CTQ Media LLC, publisher of the world?s leading Six Sigma portal, iSixSigma.com, announced today it has acquired Sourcingmag.com (www.sourcingmag.com), an online business publication providing practical guidance on business transformation through outsourcing. [PRWEB Nov 7, 2005]
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Houston Marketing -- Sharon Dotson Wins Two National Public Relations Awards
Houston Marketing and Advertising -- Houston Marketing and public relations expert Sharon Dotson is recognized for outstanding achievement in media relations marketing. This is the third year in a row that the two largest U.S. public relations professional organizations have recognized her agency?s work. [PRWEB Nov 9, 2005]
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Communications and Media Consultancy Elemental PR Rebrands
Communications and media consultancy Elemental PR rebrands as Elemental Communications launching a new website. [PRWEB Nov 4, 2005]
read more:

Duquesa Marketing Appoints National Media Booking Agent
Slate of interviews to highlight importance of small business development and entrepreneur-ship. [PRWEB Nov 3, 2005]
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Fotki.com Is Entitled a ''Pitching Contest Winner'' and Named ''Promisable, Investable and Undiscovered Gem'' at iBreakfast Club Meeting in New York
Fotki.com, a media social network specializing in photo sharing, was named a ?Pitching Contest Winner? at the monthly iBreakfast Club meeting on November 2nd 2005. Six entrepreneurs were selected to pitch their plans to the iBreakfast investor team in order to win an invitation to a two billion dollar manager event called ?Private Equity 2005? where businesses meet investors. [PRWEB Nov 10, 2005]
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Business Continuity Group Educates Businesses About Digital Disaster Recovery
KL Security Enterprises provides small and big business with the knowledge and solutions they need to survive fires, floods and other data disasters. They are an official Government Vendor and approved GSA Supplier of fireproof safes and filing cabinets designed to protect critical data and computer media for networks and direct server backup. [PRWEB Nov 10, 2005]
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Ivany Media Announces Vietnamese Financial Data Service
Ivany Media, launches two websites focussing on the Vietnamese equity markets. VNResearch.Com and VietnamBonds.Com providing financial data content to FDI Investors seeking information about the Country and its financial system. [PRWEB Nov 10, 2005]
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Subscription Agency Sees Tremendous Growth
CompleteBook and Media Supply Inc. announces sharp growth of its Subscription Unit, CBMSI Subscription Agency. [PRWEB Nov 12, 2005]
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Errol Deacon, Author of 'Financial Accounting Get it Straight' is Taking Over 'Accounting for Non Accountants' Course Sponsored by Learning Annex in New York
A Spokesperson at Deacon Media said ?As the publisher and promoter of Financial Accounting Get it Straight we are confident Mr. Errol Deacon will step up to the plate, maintain the excellent standards that have been consistently set by the previous instructors but in addition make the program enjoyable for all? [PRWEB Nov 9, 2005]
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